Dr. Bishop Zachary Williamson



Zachary Williamson was born in Gary, Indiana. His family moved to Saginaw, Michigan when he was twelve years old. He graduated from Saginaw High School and served seven years in the United States Marine Corps, He moved to Dallas, TX in 1983. Zachary made one of the best decisions of his life when he married Vina Eggins in 1984 and now has two children Keshia and Zachary II.

He was ordained into the ministry in 1988. Evangelist Williamson served as an associate minister at Full Gospel Holy Temple Church, under the leadership of Apostle Lobias Murray, and Evangelist Shirley Murray. During this time Evangelist Williamson traveled throughout the United States preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. His travels took him to: New York, The Carolinas, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, New Jersey, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, and various cities of Texas and Michigan.

Evangelist Williamson ministers with a persuasiveness that captivates the attention of his audience from the youngest to the oldest. His Podium goes beyond the four walls of the church. He has preached in juvenile homes, on the street corners, in tent revivals, as well as in nursing homes. In 1998, Elder Williamson returned to Saginaw, Michigan and founded the New Life Full Gospel Church on January 2, 2000. In March 2002, Pastor Zachary Williamson, was unanimously appointed as President of the Saginaw, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, he truly is a man of God who’s heart is for the lost as well the people of God. Pastor Zachary Williamson was consecrated to the office of Bishop in April 2009, and he also became a member of the Joint College of Bishop’s in Cleveland, Oh, his faithfulness to God continues to broaden his horizons of Ministry Bishop Williamson also serves as 1st to Bishop Eric Elijah Brown of RLC Ministries of Greenville SC, Bronx NY, Atlantic City, NJ and Charleston SC.